Here is the easy to use™ sitemap. It lists all our published content in the way that search engines use. However, site visitors still find it organized for simple usage.

linxent sitemap

Look for any published article as a POST first. Or secondly, as a PAGE.

4 Ways to Locate an Article from this SITEMAP Page

  1. Firstly, look under the heading of “Posts” or “Pages” when searching for an article. However, searching for a post or page can be hard to find if there are hundreds listed. So, use the remaining options if that’s the case.
  2. Secondly, you can scroll further down to tap and see the “Categories” heading. Under here, all posts fall under a particular category. So then, tap on a category to see a much more readable visual grid display of all the articles under that category. That’s the better method to locate something.
  3. You can also use your browser to search for a word or phrase on this page.
  4. Or, the possibly easiest method to locate an article is to use the Search box at the top header of every post & page. Read more about sitemaps on Wikipedia.