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Your SEO Business Model – How To Consider A Data Analysis

This is an introduction to the SEO Business Model. However, it’s specific to understanding the thinking behind using a quantitative approach. It will help you understand the beginnings of an advanced data analysis project and to decide if you want to pursue it due to its high value and cost. See other topics in our Special Miscellaneous category.

SEM vs SMO vs SEO Explained

There is more than SEO for model types and data analysis. Some will focus on SEM or SMO as an emphasis of business focus. Regardless, here are their summarized explanations of each.

What is SEM?

SEM is “Search Engine Marketing”. The business focus will be via business marketing models and methods such as advertising and branding.

What is SMO?

SMO is “Social Media Optimization”. This business focus is embracing Social Media platforms for growth.

SEO Business Models

SEO emphasis is towards business growth through Internet “Search Engine Optimization”. There are several areas of coverage regarding SEO Business Models. So, with that focus in mind, here are some of those related SEO business models and excellent article links for implementing them.

seo business model chart
seo business model chart

The good thing is that all can have a quantitative SEO business model approach. That’s because all of them will have their own sets of data gathered over time. So, in turn, this data is used to help in better decision making, our next topic.

What is Quantitative SEO Business Model Decision Making?

In quantitative SEO business models, there are techniques of decision making that revolve around multiple regression data analysis. This is where you gather data (e.g., traffic counts, CTR, backlinks counts, etc.). The data gathered is then laid out to associate it with a list of site factors used such as indexing or non-indexing categories, including or excluding a main keyword in the first paragraph. It’s important because several sets of data are prepared to analyze a group of methods used, not just one thing to look at.

Start with Simple Multiple Regression Analysis

So, one multiple regression analysis might be run with the data counts associated with the site that used indexing categories, using the main keyword in the first paragraph, and a few others. Then, another set of associated data counts would be run for having used non-indexed categories, not using the main keyword in the first paragraph, etc.

multiple regression seo business models
multiple regression seo business models

There are many multiple regression software programs or SAAS available today. The sets of data are analyzed and various reports are produced. They reveal the impact of each method used on a site.

So, hopefully you can now see that making one change on a site technically doesn’t mean that’s what made your site fall or rise in traffic. It does mean that the change mixed in with the entire collection of other things you do did have an impact.

Do SEO Experts use Quantitative Business Modeling for SEO?

Do the SEO experts use this type of quantitative analysis methods? The outstanding SEO experts that work for large companies do. However, they usually aren’t the ones you’ll see on leading, trending SEO videos or articles.

As I continue to watch popular SEO videos and read articles, there is very little analysis revealed specifically. The current revealed, trending methods are very simple in principle. And that is due to lesser demand for advanced or analytical content. However, fortunately they involve tedious and time-consuming testing. This usually is about making a change and waiting to see if traffic goes up or down. Some will take it a step further and repeat the process on several test sites, which is much better for validation and causality tests.

How Do Big Businesses Make SEO Decisions for Changes?

So, how do big businesses make decisions on keeping or dropping a site change? They continue to gather data all the time and they use multiple regression analysis and other more modern techniques. These help reveal the impact of each factor studied. These quantitative methods employed are going to be proprietary and confidential to the public. Keep your knowledge you bought; that’s the nature of business. Also, businesses don’t want competition to copy their SEO business models or expensive analyses revealed.

Is Small Business SEO Quantitative Analysis Worth It?

So, should small business SEO business models include any quantitative analysis? Well, it depends on the small business growth needs, goals, and available resources. For example, if the revenues or profits are very high per employee, that’s a good indicator it may be worth it.

When To Add in Quantitative SEO Business Modeling Analysis

Usually, add in quantitative analysis for SEO business modeling after covering the other traditional aspects. If not, it’s potentially better to get the traditional SEO framework for operations and procedures in place first.

Your Own Collection of SEO Methods

SEO business model experts perform an overall collection of tasks they’ve discovered that work well. Their successful operations involve their particular niche(s). Understand that all successful experts aren’t 100% perfect in each individual method or model you’re using. So, listen to what is being conveyed. And always get more opinions. Then, decide what’s potentially the best for adding to YOUR collection of methods, your niche, your content, and your SEO modeling infrastructure. And that includes everything that I suggest as well!

Also, try to see through some old SEO strong recommendations that are now invalid. Over time, you’ll learn what those are as well. However, it’s always changing so the goal is to get a collection of practices that most people seem to practice and then move forward with them. Start with well established experts. So, here are some extremely reputable Food Blog SEO Articles to give you a good starting foundation, at least for the Food niches. In time, you’ll have your own set of experts you’ll tend to follow for your own niche.


You’ve seen a list of some types of SEO business models. And, you’ve read an example of how a quantitative analysis could benefit in deciding whether or not to make a change. You read through a little bit on how to decide if an analysis is financially viable or not. Again, all of this was an introduction to help you decide whether pursuing having a quantitative analysis performed is basically justifiable. Read our other SEO topics in our “Manage Blog & SEO” category that pertain directly to managing an existing blog.

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