blogging at home™ is a major project about blogging at home and is for those who are determined for success. Specifically, it’s about you planning, creating, managing, and controlling your own articles and website, all from home. Therefore, this site’s mission is to carry you from the very beginning to several years later.™ Blogging at Home by 4 Processes

Look over these 4 blogging at home processes. They have a sequential order but also a structured order as they’re all designed for revisiting when things change. Because of changes, you’ll continue to manage, update, and control your site. Also, you’ll interact with your engaged readers. Each of these processes include many easy step-by-step procedures. So, you’ll find it fulfilling to return and see new topics covered.

I’ve been in tech, writing, management, consulting, & operations for over 4 decades. Consequently, I intend to have all the writing, SEO, & tech guidance right here in a far more organized and structured manner than you’ll typically find. So, start here and grow gradually using these 5 processes. Finally, experience what REALLY works.

1. Blog Planning – Plan it first, then execute immediately

Blog planning is your starting point. The main “Blog Planning” article for the Planning Category lists all the topics to cover planning related items so, check it out. The first article shown on that category page shows your starting point so, look over my article “How Do You Start A Blog?”. This will give you an idea of what’s involved at the beginning phase. A lot of those items shown are only done once but then are just maintained at times. So, while it might appear to be daunting, it’s not if you follow the many step-by-step guides. Also, a lot of those items are flexible like setting up your home office work area, your budgeting, and so on.

2. Execute Now: Create & Develop Your Blog Website

Now, with your planning done it’s time to create your blog website. Check out our feature article “Blog Website Development” for our Site Setup Category now. This is where you’ll see a complete list of guides in a real good order to execute. This article organizes guides into key groups like:

  • Startup Phase
  • Secondary Phase
  • Site Performance Phase
  • Intermediate & Advanced Topics

Also, the good thing in this area is that these articles and guides have excellent step-by-step procedures. Along with that, the configuration settings are clearly defined.

3. Write & Publish Your Content: Your Normal Operations

Now, with your site up and running, it’s time to write content. See our complete list of these topics in the leading article “Write & Publish Your Content” for our Content Category. You’ll see some things surrounding these topics below.

  • How to write and format a post to publish on your site
  • How to organize by category & usage of tags
  • Using headings and outlines
  • Research & reviewing competition content
  • Use of images, layouts, & presentation
  • Formatting for rich content
  • Writing for readers & SEO: readability, transition words, grammar

4. Manage Your Blog, Website, & SEO: This Is How You Grow

Monitoring & managing your Blog Website critically involves a lot of SEO guidelines to satisfy. See our leading article “Manage Blog & SEO” of our Monitoring & Managing Category. Also, because SEO changes a lot, this area should be visited periodically for new or updated topics covered.

Other Topics for Blogging at Home

There are a good number of articles’ topics that fall under more than one category so these are identified in our “Articles, Training, & Miscellaneous Topics” featured article . With that said, these are topics that connect the pieces of the puzzle that are overlapping. They also cover unique areas not applicable to any of the specific categories. For example, understanding topic clusters is both an SEO category but also is a Planning category so, it’s listed in this More …(Miscellaneous) Category. There’s a good article on “Your SEO Business Model – How To Consider A Data Analysis” there. As another example, reviewed product and service awards are here. So, don’t miss out on these gems of knowledge and check them out.

Sitemap – Site Layout

The sitemap helps you get the overall site structure as an alternate method of locating items.

Benefits About Blogging at Home

There are many benefits to blogging at home. For example, you’ll save money, time, and stress. Also, in the long run, you’ll be much happier. So, look over this list of some of the benefits of blogging from home.

  • Skip over the common mistakes and review our articles. Therefore, you’ll save money and time.
  • Discover step-by-step procedures. Subsequently, the complex technical, writing, and SEO requirements will be easier. Also, it makes your journey much less stressful.
  • Learn preferred practices unique for some blogging niches.For example, you’ll find some articles directly helpful to the food recipes niche.
  • Discover the importance and how to apply SEO (for ranking on searches) in any unique niche, like Food Recipes, for example.
  • Learn about EEAT to show your experience and how to demonstrate your expert authority on topics. So, with attention to this key area, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed.
  • Enjoy the resulting output from my over 40 years in Information Technology management alongside many industries. For example, you’ll see complex topics explained in everyday easy to understand language.
  • Current and older concepts are often researched to either validate or dispel them as myths. Also, active sources are used.
  • Benefit from our additional sources of current experts in today’s SEO (for ranking on searches).
  • Posts are routinely updated. Because of this, you’ll be able to keep up with modern changes.
  • Finally, it’s easy to communicate with me. So, review your thoughts on an article. Then, ask a question. Or, share what you’ve read about with a more expanded view or new trend. So, with that, everyone improves.

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To demonstrate we work to stay current, here are our most recent articles. So, be sure and share the ones you like. Then, send me comments on your thoughts. We can learn more from each other so, share your experiences.

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