zippy award™ issued Zippy Award on January 8, 2024 as a recipient of our 5-Star Award in the area of Business Resources. Also, this is part of our Miscellaneous Articles, where all awards are listed. Finally, it’s regarding the listing shown on the main Issued Awards page.

So, here is a featured post of Zippy and its usage. Also, here is the Zippy plugin WordPress page.

Justification of Zippy Award

As a result, the justification of the Zippy Award regarding the referenced plugin is shown as follows:

  • Creation and maintaining a valued business resource
  • Simple to use and very intuitive
  • Also, is a free version
  • Stable issuing of product upgrade releases
  • Overall excellent supporting documentation
  • Above all, publicized customer reviews are well received confirming quality
  • Stays current with WordPress upgraded versions
  • Good support and communications
  • In addition, multiple languages available
  • App is lightweight
  • Also, is open source software
linxentcom™ business resources 5 star award zippy
linxentcom™ business resources 5 star award zippy

Summary of Benefits and Features of Zippy

This is a summary of benefits and features of Zippy.

  • Easy-to-use Archival process of posts and pages.
  • Articles can be backed up or transferred to other sites.
  • Multiple articles can be archived at one time.
  • Creates archives as zip files.

And here is the feature article in more detail behind the use of the Zippy plugin.

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Congratulations and Conclusion of Zippy Award

Congratulations to the owners and team behind the Zippy plugin. In particular, congratulations to the founding developer, Gesundheit Bewegt, for creating an outstanding product. We’re confident it has helped thousands as we can also confirm it has helped our sites.

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