code snippets pro award

Code Snippets Pro Award

Issuance of Code Snippets Pro Award™ designated Code Snippets Pro Award on March 23, 2023 as a recipient of our 5-Star Award in the area of Business Resources. This is part of our Miscellaneous Articles. It’s regarding the listing shown on the main Issued Awards page.

Here is a Featured Post of Code Snippets Pro. And here is the Code Snippets Pro site.

Justification of Code Snippets Pro Award

The justification of the Code Snippets Pro Award regarding the referenced plugin is listed as follows:

  • Creation and maintaining of a valued Business Resource
  • Reasonable pricing to the public
  • Offers a free version
  • Stable issuing of product upgrade releases
  • Excellent supporting documentation
  • Publicized customer reviews are well received confirming quality
  • Stays current with WordPress upgraded versions
  • Good support and communications
  • Includes a clean uninstall option
  • App is lightweight
linxentcom™ business resources 5 star award code snippets pro
linxentcom™ business resources 5 star award code snippets pro

Summary of Benefits and Features of Code Snippets Pro

This is a summary of benefits and features of Code Snippets Pro.

  • Offers one key centralized location for adding in custom code
  • Handles multiple code types of css, php, html, and js
  • Provides easy-to-use enable/disable switch for each snippet.
  • Easy to backup each script
  • Simple to copy via cloning any snippet for modifying or testing adjustments
  • Has multiple trigger options such as run everywhere, run once, etc.
  • Availability of priority settings for each snippet
  • Extended area for storing rich text notes and description
  • Store area for tags
  • Many added settings options in multiple tabs.

And here is the feature article in more detail behind the use of Code Snippets Pro.

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Congratulations and Conclusion

Congratulations to the owners and team behind the Code Snippets Pro plugin. We’re confident it has helped thousands as we can also confirm it has helped our sites.

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