Introduction to a Blog Plan

These are articles related to having your own blog plan. They fall under our Blog Planning Category. Consider reading them in your journey of showing your own ideas about your own endeavors. These planning blog articles will cover, the site, tools to use, software and services to consider, budgeting, and even home office setup. To clarify, here is a list of some of the topics covered as well as future ones.

1. Blog Planning – Plan it first, then execute immediately

  1. Start with a plan for a blog and a blog site. So, read over this article “How Do You Start A Blog?”
  2. How to think of ideas and passions. With those, you can focus them into defining your niche.
  3. Organize your home office setup. Ensure it can function for the work you’ll be doing in your chosen niche. With this in mind, we’ll cover everything from furniture and equipment to placement and efficiency.
  4. Technology is important for blogging. With that in mind, we’ll cover what equipment, devices, and services to include. And that means you should determine your Home Office Technology needs..
  5. Whether it’s business or personal, there are going to be some administrative functions to perform.
    • Firstly, define your goals. However, this doesn’t have to be complex. Thus, it can be a simple set of tasks to start with.
    • Secondly, make a Business/Personal Startup Plan.
  6. There will be several plans to create besides building a blogging plan. For example, you’ll want to have a budget plan as discussed in our article “How Much Does A Blog Cost?”. This can be as simple as a spreadsheet list of anticipated costs.
  7. Also, you’ll want to create and maintain a schedule of planned tasks to be completed, as well as a planned list of goals to achieve. This will be ongoing.

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