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How To Narrow Down Your Food Niche Ideas

This is how to narrow down your food niche ideas. We start with several example broad food niche ideas to make it 100% easy to follow. Then, see examples of refining them down. So, keep reading to see how to narrow your own to a very specific niche. And, because it’s part of making your blog, this is in our Blog Plan category.

Introduction to Ideas of How To Narrow Down Your Niche

So, the best approach is to gradually narrow down your macro version of your food niche. With that said, you want a finer detail of specifically what your site will be about. Therefore, be fairly detailed in defining your food niche idea. So, to start with, food niches cover a wide array of areas. Here are some:

  • meat, vegetables, beverages, seafood
  • food service
  • farming
  • food processing & manufacturing
  • food distribution
  • foods wholesale & retail
  • restaurants, cafeterias
  • fine dining
  • cuisines
  • foods storage
  • fast food
  • food nutrition & health
  • foods handling & food safety
  • packaging
  • many more…

Step A. Example Blog Focus Determined: Food Niche

Let’s see how to narrow down a food niche. So, here are some examples:

foods manufacturing food niche
foods manufacturing food niche
  • Manufacturing foods that cover:
    • equipment uses
    • maintenance
    • quality control processes
    • locating raw food suppliers
  • Retail foods such as:
    • grocers
    • convenience stores
    • drugstores
    • online stores
    • food sections in department stores
  • Distribution such as:
    • factory to warehousing
    • warehouses to grocery stores
    • shipping on trucks, trains, airlines, or ships
    • distribution analysis
    • costs and considerations of distribution
    • handling, storage, perishables, refrigeration, and other distribution costs
  • Food service such as restaurants, meal delivery, street vendors, cafeterias, etc.
restaurant food niche
restaurant food niche
  • Order processing of foods that includes available storage space, perishables, refrigerated vs frozen, and how often to order in advance.
  • Recipe sites that cover cooking, preparation, time efficiencies, cost considerations, substitutions, servings adjustments, options for changes, different cooking sources, and so on.

Step B. Example Food Niche Ideas Narrowed: Food >> Recipes

Once you’ve decided on the macro niche, such as from the list above, narrow it down even further. This is absolutely necessary and one of the first biggest neglected items in the startup process. So, with this one example, you’ll get the idea.

fast recipes food niche
fast recipes food niche

We’ll choose some popular food blog niches under the recipe niche. See examples of further narrowed down food niche ideas:

  • vegetarian recipes
  • recipes for the grill
  • holiday recipes
  • recipes for diabetics
  • gourmet recipes
  • copycat recipes
  • cuisine cooking

Step C. Example Food Niche Ideas Finalized: Food >> Recipes >> Focused Recipes

You’ve come far, and this was a huge successful step further. But, we’re not quite done with this phase. Yet, we’re almost done.

Now, since there are still a ton of food recipe blogs within each of those previously listed niches, we need to define it a little further to make your site more unique. Next, the idea is to illustrate a very well-defined area of your expertise. So, we’ll take some of these examples and show how they could be further defined:

  • Recipes For The Grill
    • grilling on the hibachi
    • cooking on gas grills
    • cooking on indoor kitchen grills
    • charcoal grilling
    • smokers and cooking
    • cooking on pellet grills
recipes for the grill food niche
recipes for the grill food niche
  • Holiday Recipes
    • religious holiday recipes
    • American holiday cooking
    • holiday recipes
recipes for holidays food niche
recipes for holidays food niche
  • Cuisine Cooking
    • Italian baking
    • Korean favorites
    • Tex-Mex recipes
recipes for tex mex food niche
recipes for tex mex food niche

You can also decide to keep it at a broad level and use “Categories” in your blog to define multiple distinctions. For example, you can have a food blog niche in International Cuisines and then have Categories for Italian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.

The Micro Food Blog Ideas Niche

The final step is, of course, to get your food niche ideas down to the smallest level. However, keep in mind it should still have a readership volume for your SEO. So, reading this article will help: “72+ Profitable Micro Food Niche Blog Ideas“.

What Readers Market Do You Want?

In this process, what also helps is to think about what readers do you want to attract to your site. Also, it further defines your food niche as even more unique.

For example, here are some final food niche ideas:

  • Italian baking for two
  • charcoal grilling for large families
  • all fresh vegetables recipes
  • recipes using chicken.

Social Media Food Niche Name Ideas

There are loads of social media food niche ideas for names you can come up with. For example, here’s an article “401+ Foodie Page Name Ideas for Facebook and Instagram” that covers just that. Also, its entire site is very specific for the foods niche and foodies.

Blog Naming of Your Food Niche Ideas

Naming your blog that ties directly into your food niche ideas is crucial. Also, this covers 2 starting and critical aspects. Those are the registered “Domain Name” and the blog’s “Site Name”.

Firstly, you select and register a domain name. Secondly, you decide on a Blog Website Name. Since the domain name cannot be changed, it is the most critical. The site name can be changed but it impacts your SEO niche long-term. So, changing the site name does have enduring significance over the entire blog.

Also, all these items should work with your tagline for maximum impact. However, your tagline is mainly a branding refinement of your niche. So, its focus is mostly on the marketing side. So, here’s an expert article written on that topic. Read “Food Blog Name Ideas to Excel in Food Blogging” by Ankit Singla. Also, he’s an author at Master Blogging.


So, now you get the idea to get your blog’s food niche ideas down to the lowest, most detailed level as possible. Also, you’ve seen how looking for your reader market helps. You also understand how traffic volume and competition play roles for long term SEO. So, after refining your food niche ideas, continue forward in the Blog Planning phases.

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