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These are issued awards from™. They are based on a long list of both quantitative and qualitative factors. It is our goal to identify resources, guides, or SEO that are strongly viable and rated excellent for food blog use, general blogging, or both. This is part of our Miscellaneous Articles collection.

Requirements of a™ Issued Award

The requirements of receiving an issued award from™ are commonly a result of valued achievements from some factors taken from this list below. Not all factors are necessary. An award may apply to a current app, plugin, document or article such as a guide, or a service.

  • Creation and maintaining of a valued Business Resource
  • Determined to be viable and has valid usefulness
  • Reasonable pricing to the public
  • Offers a free version
  • Is a thorough article such as a guide of instructions, checklist, process, or informative understanding
  • Stable issuing of product upgrade releases
  • Excellent supporting documentation
  • Publicized customer reviews are well received confirming quality
  • Stays current with WordPress upgraded versions
  • Good support and communications
  • Includes a clean uninstall option
  • App is lightweight or acceptable operating requirements weight.
  • Is not brand new and has generally at least a one year history.
linxent business resources 5 star issued awards
linxent business resources 5 star issued awards

Verification of a™ Issued Awards

In order to provide a confirmation and verification of a™ Award recipient, they will be maintained and listed here. With our over 40 years of management experience, we’re aware of constant security breakings of digital signing so, we provide a confirmation here.

Also, some award recipients might also receive a complimentary feature post regarding their app, plugin, document, article, or service.

List of Valid Issued Awards


This concludes the declaration of and the confirmation of issued awards by™. If you have a recommendation for consideration of receiving such an award, submit it via a comment below. Also, please suggest the viability regarding usage in your blogging niche or in general blogging.

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