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About Us at Linxent.com™

Linxent.com™ was created in 1996, and has always focused on technology topics involving software, hardware, and services. Now, it has further narrowed its scope to Blogging at Home. This entire site is being rebuilt, from the ground up. It will grow to bring you a highly organized set of sources of information focused on starting and managing your own blog. Articles from other reputable experts will also be linked from here.

About Jeff Baygents

Overall, I’ve enjoyed an amazing several decades in dozens of industries involving business management, food & beverages, and information technology. I’ve worked in the military, the private sector, and federal government.

Professionally, my biggest attribute is learning several complex things from others. And then, recompiling them to present to readers in a down-to-earth and more organized, structured manner. So, regarding blogging, I will be presenting the blogging website infrastructure in a far more understandable manner. And, I’m always learning so, this journey’s content will be frequently added and updated.

I’ve been previously involved in the martial arts for about 27 years total with an emphasis on Korean Taekwondo (25 years) and Japanese Aikido (24 years), at times concurrently. My formal education involves a business management degree. I’ve lived and worked in 7 states in the southeast. I happily met my soul-mate wife and 2 sons in 1993 and live in South Carolina.

I retired as a federal manager in 2021 and am currently working on developing 3 sites:

For more details, see Biography of Jeffrey Thomas Baygents.

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