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Linxent.com originated in 1996.  Our name is trusted for providing information, recommendations, development, and consulting.  We have served a varied array of industries over the decades.  We currently provide these primary top-level areas of emphasis:  Business Technology, Information Technology, and Applied Management of Technology.  Each of these cover a vast array of topics such as Information Security, Data Storage (local or cloud), IT Management, Risk Controls, Cost Containment, Project Management Methods, Trending, Future-proofing, and so on.  See more info of these areas on this site.  Also, there is a variety of blogs/articles and other resources on this site available for your usage.

1. Business Technology

Business Technology is generally a mixture of internal, contracted, and purchased products and services.  Our experience includes Fortune Companies, small & mid-sized businesses, and the public sector.  We cover a variety of focused skillsets that cover multiple areas.  These areas vary from life cycle Development and Deep Work Reviews through a variety of Consulting topics.

2. Information Technology

In the ’90s, we were among the first to emphasize that Information Technology should function to serve the operational needs of the business or organization.  However, on the other side of the coin, it should be emphasized that IT projects and requests should encompass the recommendations and guidance provided by the IT Dept.  In order to best accomplish this, we review the organization and its use of IT so that it can be most efficiently embedded into the operational team to encourage a more cohesive and productive culture.

3. Applied Management of Technology

Our current emphasis is regarding Consulting which includes full reviews, analysis, 2nd opinions, and advisory roles.  Such services often involve managerial areas such as significant cost and risk containment, productivity opportunities, needs for culture change, and changes in IT Personnel, Infrastructure, and Projects.

Proven Success

Our Metrics, Founded on  Your Success

We historically have exceeded the national return rate for a variety of significant reasons.  We endeavor for continuously earning TRUST.  Our recommendations are based on our years of experience with Fortune Companies and the public sector.  We follow trends and utilize multiple sources of information for advisement.  To prevent a conflict of interest, we do not seek any form of commissions when recommending products or services from any source.  Also, to ensure long term stability, we have focused on products that are popular and/or well known brands.  In addition, you’re provided all documentation and source code for continued internal development.  Nothing created by us is proprietary.  This ensures future support will be readily available for your changing or scalable needs.  Our success is yours.


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