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About Us:  TRUST originated in 1996 in Atlanta, GA and is currently based in Columbia, SC.  The name has been trusted for providing information, recommendations, development, and consulting.

About Us:  Experienced in Multiple Industries & Services

A varied array of industries has been served over the decades.  Read about’s list of services offered here.  Also, there is a growing variety of blog articles on this site available for your work or home usage.

Proven Success

Our Metrics, Founded on  Your Success

We historically have exceeded the national return rate (shown as “others”) for a variety of significant reasons.  We endeavor for continuously earning TRUST.  The focus is on you for your solution and not on a sales quota.  Recommendations are based on years of experience with Fortune Companies and the public sector.  Trends are followed, new roads are ventured, and multiple sources of information are utilized.

During direct in-person or remote consultation, to prevent a conflict of interest, we do not seek any form of commissions when recommending products or services from any source.  Also, to ensure long term stability, popular and/or well known brands, e.g., Google, Microsoft, AWS, and many others. are recommended.  In addition, you’re provided all documentation and source code for continued internal development.  Nothing created by us for you is proprietary and kept from you.  This ensures you have full control down the road.  It also enables you to have future support readily available for your own internal changes or scalable needs.  Our success is yours.

% Client Return Rate


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