These blogging miscellaneous articles are those that are special and don’t directly fall under other key categories directly. However, they do, cover topics of interest that fall into more than one of the main categories. Also, they cover topics, like product awards, that don’t fall under any of the other main categories. So, we’ve included these into our Miscellaneous Articles Category.

Miscellaneous Articles on Overlapping Blogging Categories

  • Good “How To” topics or guides not covered by main categories
  • SEO Knowledge (Topic Clusters Examples, SEO Business Models & Quantitative Decisions)
  • Training topics
  • Monetization (optional: if income is desired)
  • Miscellaneous resources
miscellaneous topics articles

Blogging at home requires knowledge from interconnecting and unique Miscellaneous articles.

Important Product & Service Awards

These are for products and services that have been used and/or reviewed. Some of these articles will also include their usage. Firstly, these are not bulky, scatter-brained chosen products and services that everyone always throws into the mix. Because of this, you won’t see things like “25 Best blah-blah” articles. To that end, I have over 40 years of IT management, development, and consulting experience. So, with that said, I have a known reputation. To illustrate, I am known for recognizing quality and reliable aspects in companies and their offerings. Without reservation, here are those that I recommend heartily.

  • Products and Services with award recognitions as shown in “Issued Awards
  • Upcoming Awards posts
    • Zippy Award
    • Grand Plugins
    • HostArmada
    • Kadence Pro
    • Kadence Blocks Pro
    • WP Recipe Maker Premium (or Elite)
    • AppSumo
    • FlyingPress
    • LiteSpeed
  • Considerations, currently under longer term review
    • AIOSEO Pro
    • SEO PowerSuite Pro

More Articles Coming

Up to the present time, this is a new site and more articles will be coming. Also, if you’re interested in a blogging topic, let us know! To that end, we have several topics pending and we’d be happy to hear what our dedicated readers are interested in. Just submit a comment from our Contact Us page.