This is all about how to write content, format it, and publish it to your blog website. Here’s a list of what’s covered as well as future articles coming. These all fall under our Writing & Publishing Content Category.

Summary Steps to Write Content & Format a Topic’s Post

  • Firstly, decide on a topic to write about; confirm it fits under a category or a higher (main) topic.
  • Identify optimum keyphrases (old term is “keywords”) to use before writing your topic’s post.
  • Then, create an outline for your topic’s post using headings correctly.
  • With this purpose in mind, now write the post article for readers & for content SEO.
  • To illustrate, now insert media into post.
  • For food recipe niches only, create and insert recipe.
  • Then, apply properties to article post. (title, SEO title, meta description, category, tag(s), author, slug, canonical URL, etc.).
  • Finally, publish post. Then, perform post publishing tasks.
write content example

Writing content is for the reader and for search engines.

Knowledge Areas to Writing Content & Formatting Properly

In between writing, you want to learn more about writing better. With this intention, learn for the reader and also for SEO. So, here are some of those topics in this writing category.

  • Using keyphrases (keywords) in all facets of writing.
  • Locating keyphrases for your topic and match it with potential future topics & your site’s domain authority
  • Understanding use of “tags”
  • How to organize posts by “category”
  • Ensuring you have rich snippets for Google and other search engines
  • Tips for improving readability levels for your readers and for search engines
  • Improving Post Title, SEO Title, & Meta descriptions
  • Awareness of word counts, paragraph lengths, article sizing, words per heading, etc.
  • How to write a more interesting blog post