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Whether you want us to contact you back or you just want to send us a message, let us know.  Also, if you have a strong suggestion for us on writing about a topic, share your thoughts on that.  Advise us if it’s just one of an interest, or if you’re considering to commission us on it.

If you’re desiring us to contact you, we can confer with you remotely nationwide or locally in Columbia, SC via email, phone, or video.

Contacting us does not obligate you to a consultation.  If you want us just to contact you back and discuss something initially, that’s perfectly fine and is a recommended best practice.

For more information about having your first consultation meeting, read below.


For basic or complex needs, you can reach out in a comfortable, personable manner.  Recognized for TRUST and reliability, we understand that your current situation might be complex, confidential, and will have some unknowns.

With experiences in a multitude of industries and all levels of leadership, the initial question and answer session is designed for listening and discussion.  There are no pressures for decisions or commitments.  You will be helped to define any unclear needs and to further shape your known, pre-determined needs.

What do you do if you’re unsure of who to turn to with a need you have?  What if you’re thinking it might be too small of a request?  Or, what if you’re feeling that it’s too big and complex?  And, there’s no way you can explain everything that’s needed and you also know it will require other people to fill in what they also need?  Fortunately, you don’t have to have all the information and coordinated efforts for this initial overview consultation meeting.

We’ve handled reviews, analysis, development, implementations, recommendations, and all kinds of project durations of 1 day, a couple of weeks, to well over a year.

Your only ultimate question now is about Opportunity Cost and you should be considering,  “What if I don’t reach out using this initial contact form”?

Finally, sending the contact form doesn’t start a flood of sales calls or emails.  Our basis of TRUST is founded on our long-standing professional business ethics.  You are the beginning focus and make the decisions of where this will begin and successfully conclude.