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Welcome to the main BLOG Page.  See the article categories in each column below so you can focus in on the areas of your interest.  If using a mobile device, there is one column so you can scroll downward to view all categories and all their articles.  If you want us to consider a topic to write about, let us know by sending us a note via the “Contact Us” form. 

For news articles (outside this site), click “News“.

Applied American Management

"Management" Blog (coming late 2021)

The blog articles in this “Management” category will cover topics that are often related to “Applied American Management”.  They will cover management aspects that impact C-leaders as well as lowest-rung subordinates.  Some articles will reference budgeting, decision making, executive controls, alternative options, and so on.

IT Category

"IT" Blog

Scroll down in this column to see “IT” Blog articles.  Information Technology is at work, home, and everywhere in between.  Although not limited to these, some topics are basic networking, hardware reviews, SEO, application development, and so on.  Some will benefit you at work and others for your home.

For The Home

"For The Home" Blog

Scroll down in this column to see “For The Home” Blog articles.  After work, you’re going home.  There’s a lot waiting for you there.  You’ll experience comparison choices and reviews regarding personal purchases for equipment or services.   On this Home related blog, you’ll also see articles for DIY, lawn work, landscaping, home office ideas, and so on.


"Foods & Recipes" Blog

Scroll down in this column to see “Foods & Recipes” Blog articles and recipes.   This category will cover a lot of recipes.  There will also be occasional articles on Foods Management such as food safety, cost controls, planning, scheduling, and others for the Home as well as for the Foods and Beverages Industry.

Easy Taco Seasoning Mix

Easy Taco Seasoning Mix

About Making Taco Seasoning Mix From Scratch It takes just a few nearly common spices to make this easy recipe. You might already have the onion power, red cayenne pepper, and...

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Loaded Nachos Grande Supreme

Loaded Nachos Grande Supreme

How to Make Nachos Grande Supreme at Home This is how to make homemade Nachos Grande Supreme that is loaded and stacked. It's easily a full meal for anyone. The sequence of the...

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